Christopher Boyle

Where are you from originally, where do you live today, and where do you plan to retire?

I originally grew up in the small town of Taber, Alberta. After moving around the country in my teens for Junior Hockey, I settled down in Edmonton, Alberta. As regards retirement and where I plan to retire, I would have to say a combination of the West Coast (Vancouver Island) and somewhere a bit warmer for the winters.

What led you into the finance industry?

I attended NAIT and took their finance program. During this time, I was approached by a company that wanted to expand their offices in the Northern Alberta Region. They asked me to help them with this. At the time, they were operating as a Limited Market Dealer. They introduced me to private equity and how it can, if properly positioned, enhance a client’s portfolio.

Tell us about your current company and role in the industry?

I currently wear a few hats. I am a director in two companies:The Book Xchange and Amertrine, and I also help personal and corporate clients with financial education and advisement. A lot of this revolves around tax efficiency utilizing insurance structures, Individual Pension Plans, and Retirement Compensation Agreements. The underlying assets and where they are invested usually contain both publicly and privately managed assets. Recently, I have been asked by some advisors to help them with some sales and processing training to help them increase the efficiency and revenue of their own practices.

What business goals do you want to accomplish over the next five years?

A major goal of mine is to create a Professional Athlete financial planning practice. I understand the challenges these individuals have in terms of a short income earning career, high tax liability, and life transition after their playing career. They need education on options and to build a trusting relationship with their advisors and agents to give them all the options available and how they work.

What are your passions outside of business and family?

Sports. Sports was my life and even after my playing career, it’s still a big part of it. I also love to cook. I love food.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to young entrepreneurs?

Whatever you decide to do, do it with passion! The beautiful thing about being an entrepreneur is we can do something we love instead of working for someone else’s passion. If what you are doing is starting to feel more and more like a job, look at the reason why you are doing it. Sometimes passions change, but only do what you do if you love it. If you don’t, people will start to see it and your business will likely suffer.