Paulina Pinos

Paulina Pinos started her career when she was still a student at the University of the Philippines. A driven, self-taught entrepreneur, she specializes in project management and marketing, with clients from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, and Australia. Paulina is one of the original team members at Eiffel Peak Capital, a Canadian company based in Calgary, Canada, leading the administrative and marketing team.

Paulina's passion outside of her professional career and caring for her family, is to help people and animals who are less fortunate. She founded and ran a non-profit animal welfare group to rescue stray, abandoned, and abused dogs and cats. The group has raised funds for the veterinary care for these animals, rehabilitated them, and found them good homes once they were fit for adoption.


Instead of calling our monthly event a “Feeding Program,” which is common in the Philippines, we have decided to call our program “FUNDAY SATURDAY.” Our intention is not only for these children in poverty to enjoy a hearty meal and have fun, but also to receive positive messages. We want them to feel hopeful, special, loved, and most of all, to feel that they are extraordinary and that their lives are full of hopes and possibilities. As funding grows, we would like to host the event twice a month, include more children, or give more necessary staple items.


Shoes for the Street Children and Seniors

After lunch time, it was close to 40 degrees Celsius. I needed help with giving out over 80 pairs of shoes, so my husband and my five siblings went with me. The experience turned out to be a warm blessing not only to the children and seniors who received the shoes but also for myself and my family. Read more...