Jason Park

Where are you from originally, where do you live today, and where do you plan to retire?

I grew up in a small town called Esterhazy in Saskatchewan where the main industry was potash mining. The sign on the way to the mine reads, “We feed the land that feeds the world.” I currently live in Calgary, Alberta, and my family and I are moving to Kingston, ON shortly. I don’t have a specific place chosen for retirement. I just want to live it with my family and friends.

What led you into the finance industry?

In 2008, when the stock market collapsed, SK continued to boom. What I saw however, was people in the province couldn’t retire because of too much uncertainty about their retirement portfolio, even though they have worked their entire life at a well-paying job and saved diligently along the way. It was time to rethink portfolio construction and I found solutions in private capital.

Tell us about your current company and role in the industry?

Rethink and Diversify is a growing Canadian Exempt Market Dealer that brings true diversification options in the form of private capital investment opportunities for investors.

What business goals do you want to accomplish over the next five years?

I want to have our company positioned as THE go-to platform for private capital investments in Canada through a consistent track record of positive investment experiences for entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors alike.

What are your passions outside of business and family?

I love to read, learn, and think. Sports, hockey in particular, has always been an important part of my life. And I also have a goal to write a masterpiece in literature.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to young entrepreneurs?

For a young entrepreneur, it’s important to remember that the opportunities will continue to present themselves to you if you keep your mind and eyes open. Just be yourself in meetings (no matter how important they may seem), trust and follow your instincts, and the insecurities will go away over time.

And on that note, learn to always be humble and grateful – these are the two values that will become constant companions along your journey so you should be comfortable with how they both feel. Don’t be afraid to show both of them either!

The successes will come given enough time and educated adjustments toward your goal. As one year turns into two, and two into three, etc., it may seem like a long time. But be patient. Even five to ten years over the course of a long fulfilling lifetime is not that long.