Jason Priest

Where are you from originally, where do you live today, and where do you plan to retire?

I am originally from a small town in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia and have been living in Toronto for the past 16 years. I don’t think too much about retirement, but I would like to expand my business to include offices in Seoul, South Korea, and the US, and to keep working and travelling between them.

What led you into the finance industry?

I spent the first 15 years of my career exclusively in the public markets, and currently half of my business is still traditional portfolio management. Three years ago I was introduced to a very successful and fast growing private capital issuer in need of an investment fund manager. The opportunity was so different than anything I had done before, and so filled with opportunity that I jumped at the chance to expand into this very exciting space.

Tell us about your current company and role in the industry?

I am President and Portfolio Manager at a company I founded just over six years ago. I wanted to be able to manage investments for my clients in a way that was truly in their best interests and to help them navigate the ups and downs of the markets as smoothly as possible. My expansion into the private capital space has taken three paths, that of Investment Fund Manager, Exempt Market Dealer, and as a Director on a very exciting private market Real Estate Fund.

What business goals do you want to accomplish over the next five years?

I would like to continue to grow all aspects of my business and to expand internationally, especially in the private capital space, while at the same time helping to better integrate private capital investments into traditional portfolio management, not just in my own firm, but throughout the industry.

What are your passions outside of business and family?

I love to exercise. Martial Arts and rock climbing are two of my favorites. Reading and travel are two other passions. I like to visit new places, and when I can’t I find reading a good book can take me to really interesting places as well.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to young entrepreneurs?

It’s very important to have a well thought out plan, but even more important not to limit yourself to it.